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I have been quilting for nearly my whole life with my grandmother and mother. Growing up in Alaska has left me with a real sense of respect for the land and the animals. It’s the land and animals that inspire me to make new kits and designs. I have worked as a seamstress for years as well, but now that I am semi retired I enjoy quilting with friends and grandbabies. 

The native cultures here are also an inspiration but since I am not native I don’t feel comfortable using their designs. But it doesn’t stop inspiring me to see different aspects of life with the landscape and animals. The vision they have from being here over 11,000 years is of respect and love for the land and culture. It creates a different look at life, a different respect.

The beauty of the landscape keeps me alive and alert here. The deep rich culture with the natives and their dancing and canoe journeys makes me long to hear more stories of their ancestors. The animals are so amazing and also so dangerous if you get too close. It’s these three things that keep me here and in awe. It is these things that inspire me in my art and work everyday. 

Custom Orders


We do wonderful custom orders from hunting to berry picking scenic settings. We even did a kit for Whale Watch Alaska that had humpback whales playing with their young. Some people prefer a quilt kit for newborns and their family.

If you can dream it up we can put it together for you. We did a custom blueberry quilt design once that included pillows and drapes and sheets. There really is no end to what people can dream up for us to put together.

We also offer materials so your whole kit is complete. We do prefer cotton as it feels better and is easier to sew with, but if you have a special request such as silk or velvet let us know. Send us an email and we can see what we can do for you.

We make it easy for you to purchase everything here all at once so you don't have to go shopping at other sites. We provide the pattern and the materials and the thread and the buttons and the beads, whatever your design and project needs we have it all. 

Machines and Materials


When it comes to machines we prefer this one Best Sewing Machines for Quilting . The different stitch patterns are amazing and the different fabrics it can sew are also great. The model is Janome MC-6300P. I have had a chance to work in the Yukon with with a woman that lives in Atlin.  she was always inspired by the rugged cold temperatures usually around -40°. Her quilting machine was quite large making quilting super quick and easy. 

One of  the more memorable times of my life was quilting with my grandmother also in the winter time in Alaska. she had various Fabrics that she had collected from her mother and her grandmother and various other family members. When it came to putting patterns together it was so interesting we being all of the family history together. 

We have lots of different kinds of beads to make up different patterns and styles for your blanket. The native people of Alaska made so many different blanket designs incorporating buttons and Beads and different felts that I find it helpful to look at their work for design ideas.

Don't limit your design ideas to just being native although there are  more than 200 different tribes in Alaska there is basically who design to inspire you for any concept. most of our kits Are not native but obviously inspired by the landscape the animals and the native people.

When it comes to landscape ideas the mountains and Northern Lights ice and snow are perfect examples. Because generally the Northern Lights come out when it's cold out, when it's clear, and when there is a lot of snow. a blanket with a setting like this is very nice to have around the fireplace when it's cold out. 

Another interesting design that has been coming up a lot lately are fire scenes. for example I seen a couple having a fire on the beach with the northern lights above and a snowy backdrop.  And then use your sewing machine settings to create a wonderful pattern on top of your pattern that repeats across the entire blanket. 

Some additional ideas for materials include old t-shirts and old shirts from different vacations and different family members. Cutting them off to make different patterns is always so fun to do with friends. I have even used old shops an old Christmas decorations. 


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